I lost my brother to Nigeria’s inadequate health care system — Rema.

Singer Rema recalled how he lost his brother to Nigeria ‘s weak healthcare system.

In a tweet he shared, Rema revealed that his brother had been mistakenly cut while working on a candlelight.

The artist, who announced that his brother blew to death afterwards, added that lawmakers keep diverting funds for a decent health care system and borrowing by using the suffering of the country as a format.

Rema has tweeted;

I lost my brother to Nigeria ‘s weak health care system, had a surgery on himwith a candle light  they sliced him incorrectly, and he bled to death. The moneyto have a decent health care infrastructure is in an old man’s foreign account, and they try to spend using our suffering as their format.

We’ve lost a lot of lives to a few people’s decisions.


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