Mob vandalizes Governor Sanwo-Olu’s family home on Lagos Island.

On Wednesday, October 21, a group of people gathered around the family home of Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Omididun Street, Lagos Island, throwing stones at the building.

The attack on the Lagos State Governor ‘s home came after # EndSARS demonstrators were shot at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos.

Before the incident, the governor had put an impromptu curfew on the territory. However, the demonstrators of the End SARS declined to abandon the demonstration site. Subsequently, the men arrived and cut the surveillance cameras at the toll gate, then the lights were switched off and shots were fired at the demonstrators in the dark.

Any people have been killed and many more have been wounded.

In rage, the young men took home the governor ‘s family.

Eyewitnesses told Punch that one of the youths had spilled petrol into the building but had been stopped from setting fire to the building.

The eyewitness, who preferred to stay anonymous, said, “About 7:45 a.m., furious youth gathered around the Sanwo-Olu home on Omididun Road, Lagos Island, throwing stones and smashing bottles. 


“One of the youths spilled fuel on the building but was instantly stopped from setting 
it on fire because the fire could spread and lead to loss of life. 



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