Chivita Celebrates World Juice Day

You: My friend, how you dey? How much be these red apples? Fruit Seller: Four for N500! You: Ah ah, for what now? I’m not buying again.

We are sure the conversation above sounds all too familiar to a lot of us. The everyday struggles we go through to eat our fruits and vegetables, and stay healthy are countless. In some cases, they are usually not affordable, or we are too busy or tired after a hectic schedule to even stop by to purchase them.

But did you know that the World Health Organization recommends eating five portions of fruits and vegetables a day to reduce nutritional deficiencies and fight disease? Yup! That is just how important fruits and vegetables are. And it is for this reason that Chivita recently celebrated its 2nd Annual Chivita World Juice Day Event.

Well, it would gladden you to know that 100% fruit juice offers the same benefits as fruits and vegetables. Or should we turn up the volume for those at the back? You can get the same amount of Vitamins and Minerals, including Vitamin C, from 100% fruit juice that you would in fruits and vegetables.

Given the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the theme for this year’s edition of the event, “Fruit Juice: The Smart Secret of Boosting Immunity”, was informed by the need to highlight the beneficial properties of consumption of 100% fruit juice to support the body’s immune system in order to promote everyday wellness.

The event was held in partnership with health and nutrition experts who were carefully selected to share their perspectives on how Nigerians can defend themselves from within through fruit juice consumption.


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So when next your fruits and vegetables are not readily available, remember that you can stock up on your Chivita 100% Fruit Juices, and enjoy a glass a day for a healthy lifestyle.


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