If A Single Father Of A Boy Child, Marries A Single Mother Of A Girl Child – Can The Children Marry Each Other When They Grow Up? » Naijaloaded


The proper question should be, if it’s morally or culturally wrong, then why is it?

Actually, the only reason why it’s wrong is because certain men in conclaves came together and agreed to place a veneer of “wrongness” upon it, and then cultural norms were built around this agreement, and then morals, which is essentially a product of culture, flowed from it. In case you don’t know, this is also the origin of most of our morals.

The only thing that is wrong when it comes to questions of marriage, is incest, which is marriage between direct blood relations, because it engenders a huge possiblity for genetic defects among offsprings of that union. Marrying themselves is not incest.


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