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A troup of Amotekun Officials recently made a giant achievement in their community policing career as they arrest group of students claiming to be Marlians and behaving like Naira Marley.

In a video that emerged online, the students were seen packed like sardine into Amotekun’s red van from there school premises to Amotekun office.

Most of the students are in JSS 2 while the one in SS3 among them always parade himself as Naira Marley inside the school.

According to the teachers of the school recording the arrest, the boys are stubborn and are always in the bush instead of being in class.

Watch Video Below:-


The big question is 👇

Do You Think Getting Them Roughly Treated By Illiterate Amotekun Officials The Solution To These Children Stubborness?

Let’s hear from you

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    Make Dem no spoil dat good name naira Marley abegi.

    Wetin naira do una abegi

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    our leader that are worst more than this, y are they not disgrace…. foolish country we are

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    BIG SENSE…. Na so cultism and thuggery take dey start… Marlians

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    To hell with the that stupid teacher recording them. How could she be calling them CRIMINALS? That’s very very bad. Calling a student a criminal without been found guilty by the court of law shows the height of illiteracy in some of these secondary school teachers. And one stupid Amotekun officer was saying he would butch one of them with cutlass. That’s very harsh nah

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    To hell with the that stupid teacher recording them. How could she be calling them CRIMINALS? That’s very very bad. Calling a student a criminal without been found guilty by the court of law shows the height of illiteracy in some of these secondary school teachers. And one stupid Amotekun officer was saying he would butch one of them with cutlass. That’s very harsh nah 😡😡😡🥶

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    parked like sardine off me

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    In my own opinion i think the best way is to correct them by first of all telling them who marlians are, what they do and how they live their lives. They don’t need to be arrested because they are children, they probably learnt that from their friends or the society.

    They only need to be corrected. Being a Marlian is not a bad thing, but doing things that are bad claiming to be a Marlian or as an influence by other marlians or the president himself is definitely where the problem lies

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    Amotekun go fight Fulani herdsman

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    I believe the secondary school students called themselves naira Marley because that’s who they have been been listening to and normally naira Marley is the rave of the moment and street can testify to that because my 4 year old cousin listens to naira Marley

    carrying guns to bust this lads is unfair,unlawful and unacceptable

    Normally I no suppose dey type all this shit But

    Na because small henny don enta body but Na my mind I de talk so I no go regret am

    fuck the government BRO!!

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    this is stupidity of the highest order, well thanks God they are kid, they can’t try such with the real marlian

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    It doesn’t make sense

    What other proof they have to arrest them apart from the name marlians

    That how stupidity begins.

    That just the start of their nightmare like SARS begins

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    Those kids are still young to be arrested, besides they are juveniles. No matter what they did, the school officials should have called their parents to settle the case rather than arresting them.

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    Though I am not in support of their stubbornness, but they are still CHILDREN for God’s sake, it is not even permissible under the Nigeria law to get them arrested as they are under 18, they just need proper orientation and training and not getting them treated like these.

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    In as much as what the kids do was wrong, it is not proper to treat them like these, it is not even right to arrest school is child abuse for me.

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    Not right..

    Amotekun is even to fight against Herdsmen not Marian. Even if any case apart from Fulanis should involve them, the above isn’t worth been among.

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    This is not the solution, Really sad that we’ve lost morals in this country. What is the job of the so called amotekun? This is a misplaced priority, assault and unlawful arrest of minors. Nigeria is a Failed State with Failed System of Government.

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    This is not how small children are corrected even when you want them to change, is this their real job to be arresting minors and detaining them unlawfully….

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    Lol… Instead of them to do what they were established to do – go after killer herdsmen in the forests and other criminal elements – they won’t… Instead, they are busy terrorising little children.

    On a serious note this is stupidity.

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    They simply stepping on the children’s right, this children where innocent, and they arrested them for nothing sake, there no where it is written in the constitution that emulating some one is a crime. This arrest is not proper instead they should be punished by their teachers for hanging around the bush instead of staying in the class.

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    Naijaloaded you self knows this is not the right way to punished small kids na for their offense. Amotekun goofed big time, they ‘re not set up up for this purpose.

    Members of the Amotekun group needs orientation to fully understand their responsibility as curbing insecurity in the region of South West.

    They should go after the killer herdsmen.

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    Aspire to perspire

    If there was anyone of them kids who truly adores naira Marley and wishes to be an entertainer in the future, Amotekun just ruined their self esteem and probably destroyed their future

    West African security network aka Amotekun was created to curb insecurity especially from kidnappers, rustlers and Fulani herdmen. This is a 350° turn from the purpose they are supposed to serve

    Amotekun is a misplaced priority project, I have always said that here.

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    Who trained this amotekun, It is wrong to parade children for wrong doing, Their parents should be invited instead. Someone need to correct this unformed act by Amotekun.

    Investigate the kids act to determine if their conduct is as a result of some domestic abuse, ensure to punish the adult who abused or influence their character that’s how to bring sanity back to the society not by stigmatizing and traumatizing children with public parade

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    They didn’t arrest them to lock them up. They just want to scare them to make them believe that what they are doing is bad.

    I will never support the arrest of underage children, you need to teach them now before it get worst.

    That’s how cultism starts, parents are failing these days in bringing up their children.

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    This is absurd.

    The school have the mechanism to discipline erring kids like these.

    It must be that they just want to put fear into the kids. Because I just can’t understand this.

    Amotekun wasn’t set up for all these

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    Stupidity..This should be left for the Man’o Wars and those secondary school cadets to deal with.

    Amotekun should be in the bushes securing the SW and stop all this waste of productive time they are expending on irrelevances.

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    It has not gotten to that if am ask.. these are just small kids, it a misplaced priority.

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    This is not the right model to correct or discipline them, can’t the school handle this themselves? They are not criminals for God’s sake so why treating them like these. They just need to be corrected appropriately and that’s all.

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    If the so called Amotekun’s is going to rehabilitate them and give them positive orientation,then it’s a good move,but if not,I think it’s a bad move because punishing them will either make them or break them,and I think in most cases treated them harshly mostly break them.

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    To me,I believe it’s a trash,this is child abuse,why would they take them away,to do what,to punish them? It’s a pity we don’t know our right again in Nigeria, because I heard from that video a parent saying’ohun nikan ko mo bi’ meaning he is not my only child.This children are being given the treatment of a criminal.The right measure is to take them to a counselor for proper counseling so that they would stop being truants.

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    Yeah …it is right….they are the leaders of tomorrow……if they keep on being fooled with this marlians words…..they might lose their future focus

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      U are talking has dis 9ja build in u’s their rit 2 choose

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    lolz…. that’s complete stupidity cuz these students concern are teenagers and they still small , they can’t judge them as criminal since is not confirmed by court of law. The stupid teacher that need to correct them now go and Amotekun which is completely foolishness. They can’t blame those kids because the environment has influenced them because that’s what they heard their senior brother’s and those in their street saying which means they don’t know the meaning of Marlians. what I think is that thier should be social censor which will keep most of the kids away from being spolit which may lead them to astray.

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    Children should have learned a lot from this video, because bad influence is a bad habbit. The children should be a good ambassador and great leadership of tommorow. But the leadership start from now

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    I don’t think because the more I treat them badly when they come out they will still continue with their bad behaviour

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    Though I think the children needed to be shown that they are not invincible; Apparently, they don’t even go to class anymore, feels untouchable and must have caused mayhem in the school, the statement “I hope this brings sanity back to the school” shows the length of the school’s worries concerning the wayward lifestyle those children are embarking on. Smoking, cultism, indecent dressing etc are the models of most children calling themselves Marlians.

    Calling the Amotekuns is just to instill fear on them and I believe the children would be released asap.

    Note: I’m not in any way supporting the choice of words used by anybody in the video or exposing the children’s identity to the public for it can impair their future and hinder the children’s chance tomorrow

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    Shey our government nova ban the name malian, do what is thier problem, abeg that na stupid, instead of them to the catch theirs and kidnapper, dem dey catch school children

    Amotekun wey no fit catch real criminals dat one na security?

    Na stupidity

    Tank u

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    getting them arrested is not the best option.

    the best way to handle them is by calling for an emergency assembly and punishing dem in front of their mates, letting dem know dat wat dey did was wrong and making their parantes know d reasons for the punishment by inviting them to the school for further clarification.

    getting amotekun to do the arrest was not d best option.

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    Dis country don taya me oh, wetin musa no go 4 gate…

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    even amotekun are not doing there duty they don’t have right to arrest those kids because calling themselves malians doesn’t mean they are criminal or anything but s just a slag from the Nigeria artist naira marley.and naira Marley is a graduate not just an artist he thinks deep before recording song Naira Marley sing with what’s going on in the country

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    Total nonsense Nigeria with no law.I no this Amotekun will still turn to nonsense

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    I don’t blame them, don’t see any criminal to arrest and they don’t want the government to say “Amotekun you are not doing your jobâ€


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