How to Start a Compost Bin at Home

Introduction: Composting is a great way to reduce waste and provide your plants with rich, organic matter. By starting a compost bin at home, you can turn your food scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost that you can use to improve your soil and promote healthy plant growth. In this article, we will go over the steps to start a compost bin and make the most of your composting efforts.


  • A compost bin or a large container with a lid
  • Shredded newspaper or cardboard
  • Grass clippings or leaves
  • Kitchen scraps (fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, eggshells)
  • Manure or composted soil (optional)

Step 1: Choose Your Compost Bin You can buy a compost bin specifically designed for composting or you can use a large container with a lid, such as a plastic trash can. Choose a bin that is large enough to hold your composting materials and has good air flow.

Step 2: Prepare Your Compost Bin Line the bottom of your bin with shredded newspaper or cardboard to help absorb moisture. This will also help to keep the compost from becoming too soggy.

Step 3: Add Green and Brown Materials Layer the bottom of your bin with grass clippings or leaves. This is your “brown” material and provides carbon to the compost. Then, add kitchen scraps on top of the brown material. This is your “green” material and provides nitrogen to the compost. Repeat this layering process until your bin is about two-thirds full.

Step 4: Add Manure or Composted Soil (Optional) If you have access to manure or composted soil, you can add a layer to your bin to help speed up the composting process.

Step 5: Turn Your Compost Once every week or two, turn your compost with a pitchfork or shovel to help aerate it and ensure that all materials are mixing together well.

Step 6: Monitor Your Compost Check your compost regularly to ensure that it is moist, but not too wet. If it becomes too dry, add water to the bin. If it becomes too wet, add more brown material to absorb excess moisture.

Step 7: Harvest Your Compost Your compost is ready to use when it is a rich, dark color and has a crumbly texture. This typically takes anywhere from three months to a year, depending on the materials you are composting and the conditions in your bin.

Conclusion: Starting a compost bin at home is a simple and environmentally friendly way to reduce waste and provide your plants with valuable nutrients. By following these steps, you can have a successful composting operation in no time.

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